Floor By Floor

What's happening on your floor? 

Week of 3/27/17


All staff members are encouraged to contact the Construction Mitigation Office at 617-496-0857 or by email sccconstruction@harvard.edu with any questions or concerns of noise, air quality, or other construction impacts.

Floors 10, 9, 8, and 7

  • Demolition activities will continue on the 10th floor.
  • Miscellaneous ADA upgrades will continue on the 9th floor. All impacted departments have been notified.
  • Crews will begin scaffolding activity within phase 4.2 (south tower) of the façade project.
  • Concrete washing within phase 4.1 of the façade project will commence the week of April 3.



Floors 6 through 3

  • Concrete repairs will continue on the Holyoke Bookend of the north tower (Mass Ave).
  • Crews will begin scaffolding activity within phase 4.2 (south tower) of the façade project.



Floors 2 and Lobby

  • Scaffolding for façade phase 4.2 will commence. This activity will generate noise from intermittent drilling. This will take several weeks to complete.
  • Concrete repairs above and around the exterior of the Harvard University Health Services Pharmacy will continue. Crews will be performing concrete cutting and chipping activities on Saturday, March 24.
  • Mechanical roughing activities will continue on the 2nd floor of the south tower (Mt. Auburn Street).
  • Cutting and chipping may take place at the 2nd floor of the Holyoke Street bookend.


Other Impacts

  • Holyoke Street Pavilion - Concrete deliveries and utility work will continue and Holyoke Street will be closed on a daily basis (weekdays only) from 7am-4pm. The sidewalks on the east side of Holyoke Street will remain open for pedestrian traffic and emergency vehicles will maintain access at all times. The new three storied Holyoke Pavilion is scheduled to be completed in April 2018. 
  • Dunster Street Pavilion – Crews will continue with demolition of the roof and exterior/interior spaces. Demolition of non-structural concrete will be performed during off hours (5:30pm-12am). Crews will also be performing work associated with steel placement on the Dunster Pavilion (5:30pm-12am).
  • Dunster Street Raised Crosswalk – The reconstruction of the raised crosswalk on Dunster Street at Mass will begin the week of March 27. This work is expected to take 3-4 week to complete, weather permitting.
  • Mt. Auburn Plaza – The team will begin utility work as part of phase 1 of the reconstruction of the Mt. Auburn Street plaza. The work will commence the week of March 27 and phase 2 of reconstruction will begin in late April 2017.
  • Welcome Center – Layout of walls and track will continue.
  • Emergency Egress – All 5 stairwells within the building are accessible in the event of an emergency.
  • Health Services Urgent Care After Hours (5:30pm-7:30am) have relocated to the Harvard Law School campus in Pound Hall (1530 Massachusetts Avenue).