HUH Projects


 Week of 4/17/17



Soldiers Field Park - Building 4 Renovation

  • Please note, the walkway between Building 3 and Building 4 will remain closed.
  • Paving and concrete placements will take place.
  • Temporary electrical work will take place at the South Eat corner of Building 3.
  • The temporary fence will be relocated from Building 4 to Building 3.
  • Deliveries will take place throughout the week.


Bence Site - Remediation 

  • Vacuum extraction loader work will begin this week. this work is noisy.
  • Excavation activities will begin.
  • Large deliveries will continue to take place. Police details will be on site to assist.


Soldiers Field Park - Mock Up Units 

  • Mock up units in Building 2 will be completed throughout the week.
  • Please note, this activity will also include work in the hallways.


Botanic Gardens & Terry Terrace

  • Wireless Internet testing will take place over the next several weeks. Brief unit entry may be required.