Cabot Science Library

The main floor of the Science Center, including the Cabot Science Library, the Greenhouse Café, and exterior spaces, will be transformed to create a dynamic, 24-hour student commons and a technology-integrated library, changes directed in part by input from undergraduates. Where there are walls, there will be windows, or no walls at all, to open up a flexible space connecting the library, a coffee shop, food services, study space, and, most importantly, the people who make the Science Center one of the most actively used buildings on campus.There are social areas and study spaces, places to be alone and spaces that enhance and encourage collaboration among students, among students and faculty, and more, all of whom will be able to move across the hall and around the building to continue conversations that start in the classroom.

Construction will begin June 1, 2016 and finish in the spring of 2017.  Enabling construction and move activities will occur beginning May 16th, 2016.