SEC Enabling Roadway Projects

As part of the enabling work for Harvard’s Science and Engineering Complex (SEC), the roadways around the SEC and 114 Western Ave, including Western Ave, Academic Way North and South, Science Drive, Rotterdam Street, and Stadium Road required new sequencing, paving, and some underground utility work to facilitate the opening of both the SEC, 114 Western Ave, and eventually the Enterprise Research Campus.

A section of Western Ave needed to be realigned to accommodate the installation of a new utility tunnel to service the complex, running across Western Ave from the former Charlesview site to the SEC project site.

The first phase of the roadway realignment was successfully completed in May 2017 and extends from 130 to 140 Western Ave. The final phase was successfully completed in late February/early March 2020 when the realignment was reversed, returning Western Ave to its original layout.

All impacts from construction activity were closely coordinated with all abutters and neighbors as well as the Harvard Transportation Group to ensure continuity of operations during construction. These roadways opened in phases following final paving and striping and were substantially complete as of June 2021.