Harvard University Housing (HUH) Projects

Construction Projects Update: Fall 2021

Work continues to take place across the HUH portfolio, including the Peabody Terrace, Botanic Garden and Mt Auburn Group Properties. Ongoing HUH projects include wireless shutdowns and activations, inspections, gas detector removal, keyless entry projects, façade inspections and repairs, balcony repairs, plumbing repairs, common area renovations, corridor renewals, sprinkler repairs, window renewals, and roof repairs.

  • HUH tenants will be notified before work begins in their buildings and notices are posted in common areas in advance.
  • Any neighborhood impacts will be communicated to the abutters before the work commences.
  • Walkway protections and pedestrian re-routing will be put in place when overhead lifts are in use.
  • A variety of mitigation tools are offered on an as needed basis to help accommodate HUH residents during construction activities.

Construction Projects Update: May 2020

In accordance with guidance issued by the Cities of Boston and Cambridge and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Harvard University Housing resumed renovation and construction activities on buildings across its portfolio at the end of May 2020 following a temporary work stoppage due to Covid-19. Tenants are being notified before work resumes in their building and notices will be posted in common areas in advance.

Before returning to work, every contractor working at Harvard prepared a COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan consistent with the requirements set forth by Cambridge, Boston, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Harvard’s Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) office reviewed these plans to ensure they are comprehensive and cover all of the requirements designed to protect the health and safety of all members of the Harvard community and prevent the transmission of COVID-19. HUH’s contractors are required to strictly adhere to their approved Health and Safety Plan, which includes guidelines regarding health monitoring, the use of personal protective equipment, and routine cleaning of tools and high-touch surfaces. Workers will ensure all surfaces they come in contact with are cleaned before the end of every shift.

Construction Projects Update: March 19, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and State of Emergency announced by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, the cities of Boston and Cambridge announced this week that all construction and renovation work is suspended until further notice.

In accordance with these directives, all construction, repair, and renovation activities in Harvard University Housing buildings have been suspended temporarily. Necessary crews remained on job sites initially in compliance with the cities’ directives to secure all work areas and prepare them for this temporary work stoppage. Skeleton crews continue to be present at job sites for the duration of the work suspension as required to monitor the sites and maintain their safety and security. The limited staff remaining on sites has been instructed to follow the CDC guidelines regarding hand washing, social distancing, monitoring their health, staying home if they don’t feel well, and avoiding all resident occupied areas.

This announcement will not impact property operations – please continue to contact the property management office for any related needs. Please contact the Harvard University Construction Mitigation Office if you have any questions or concerns throughout the shutdown at mitigation@csl-consulting.com or 617-496-0857.

Accessibility: If during the above-mentioned activities, you have accessibility concerns or would like to request an accommodation due to disability or temporary impairment, please contact the Harvard University Construction Mitigation Office so they can assist you in coordination with University Disability Services.