HUH Projects


 Week of 5/29/17




    Soldiers Field Park - Building 3 Renovation

    Thursday, June 1st, demolition activities will begin.


    Bence Site - Remediation

    Excavation activities will continue. Large deliveries will continue to take place. Police details will be on site to assist.


    One Western Ave - Wireless Installation

    Wireless internet equipment will continue to be installed within units. The work consists of wiring cables and installing wireless internet access points on the ceiling.


    Holden Green - Sprinkler Head Replacements

    • Work will be taking place over the next several weeks on the sprinkler heads.
    • Unit access will be needed to complete the work. You will receive a notification with your unit time frame.
    • Work consists of cutting a panel in the wall to work on the sprinkler head. Once the sprinkler work is complete, the hole will be patched, and then repainted.