HUH Projects


 Week of 11/12/18


Soldiers Field Building 2 Park Renovation 
  • The weekly update for Soldiers Field Park Building 2 Renovation will be sent out individually moving forward. If you would like to sign up for construction updates for this project, please click the link below.
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Wireless Internet Installations
  • Wireless installations, walk-throughs, and testing will continue to take place at various HUH buildings. For any inquiries regarding schedule, access, or other general concerns, please call the Harvard Mitigation Hotline at (617) 496-0857, or .
  • If you are experiencing a technical or connection issue with the wireless, please reach out to the HUH Xfinity Hotline at (866) 848-0281 or 
One Western Avenue - Facade Repairs
  • Grinding of brick/sealant and hammering may be audible throughout the majority of the building’s interior. 
  • Yellow areas on the plan below indicate where work is occurring and accessed by a swing stage on the exterior. 
  • A lift will operate where there is a red X on the plan. 
    1. On the north west tower, a lift will be parked in the fire lane and work on the lower elevation.
    2. A lift will work on the main entrance elevation until the end of December.  
  • Residents may smell an odor from the sealant used.  This odor is not toxic or harmful
  • Periodic deliveries will continue throughout the project from Western Ave.
  • All windows within the swing staging vicinity must remain shut due to: 
    1. Contractors on swing staging not able see open windows below when lowering their lift.  A window is at risk of breaking by remaining open.
    2. Swing staging is not able to move upward when windows are open.    
    3. Water/debris/odors potentially traveling into the building.