HUH Projects


 Week of 6/26/17



Soldiers Field Park - Building 3 Renovation

  • Demolition activities will continue on the interior and exterior.
  • Regulated materials will continue to be removed.
  • Tree removal will take place.


Holden Green - Facade Repairs

  • The exterior facade improvement project will continue through the Fall.
  • Contractors will be on staging and lifts to access the work areas around the building, so it is recommended that you keep your shades closed during general work hours for your privacy.
  • Please be aware that this type of work generates noise, dust, and some odors. It's recommended to evaluate keeping your windows closed during regular work hours.


Cronkhite Graduation Center - Facade and Window Work


  • Contractors will continue erect staging to access work areas in front of the building.
  • This work involves removing existing storm windows, repairing window glazing and paint, and installing new storm windows.
  • As part of the repair, contractors will require brief access into your unit to cover the interior of your window. Window coverings will remain for up to two days, at which time access will again be required to remove it.
  • This project is anticipated to be complete at the end of the Summer.


20 Prescott Street - Elevator Modernization

  • This project is expected to continue through the Summer.
  • The elevator will be offline for the duration of the project.


1306 Mass Ave - Facade Repairs

  • Work will take place from Monday to Friday between 8:00AM - 5:00PM.
  • This project is expected to continue through the summer.
  • Please be aware that this work generates noise, dust, and some odors.
  • During the project, contractors will be erecting staging to access the repairs. For your privacy, it is recommended that you keep your window shades closed during working hours in the vicinity of the repairs.


Terry Terrace - Entrance Renovations

  • Work will continue in the vestibules of all three entrances to the building, consisting of painting and staining the woodwork.
  • This project will take place over the next few weeks.
  • The entrance will remain open during much of the project, however, there will be time when tenants will be rerouted to other building entries. Notices will be delivered if entries are to be temporarily closed.