HUH Projects


 Week of 6/18/18


Soldiers Field Park - Building 3 Renovation 
Saturday, June 16th

  • Interior finishes are ongoing. This work is low impact.
  • Masonry washing will continue on the exterior facade of the building. Noise is expected from a lift and power washer.

Monday, June 18th - Friday, June 22nd

  • Work in the courtyard will continue which includes, grading of the site, installation of exterior site lighting, asphalt, granite pavers and irrigation piping. Noise is expected from soil compaction, digging activities, and installations; and odors are expected from the asphalt installation. 
  • Masonry washing will take place around the building. Noise is expected from a lift and power washer.
  • Brick work will continue around the building. Noise is expected from cutting and placement of brick.
  • Periodic deliveries will continue throughout the project.
  • Operation of a lull to remove trash from the site will take place and will produce some noise.
  • Grading, tree removal, and drainage work will begin along Kresge Way as further detailed in separate notices. 


  • Fire alarm and building monitoring testing will take place periodically.
  • General cleaning, carpentry and flooring finishes, and minor electrical work will continue.
  • Electrical Shut Down 6/19/18
    • An overnight electrical  shut down will take place on Tuesday 6/19/18 between 11:00 pm – 7:00 am.  Power will be impaired to building 4 (Entries 8-15) during this time. This work will be further detailed in an upcoming resident notice. The majority of the work will be performed within the construction area however workers will be present in areas surrounding the site including the building 4 electric room. There will be some noise associated with the work. 
    • A test of the emergency lighting system will be conducted by the Boston Fire Department mid-week. The test will require an electrical outage and inspection of emergency lighting in building 4. A mitigate notice will be distributed to residents of Entries 8-15 confirming the impairment schedule and outlining additional details for the work. 
Wireless Internet Installations
  • Wireless installations, walk-throughs, and testing will continue to take place at various HUH buildings. For any inquiries regarding schedule, access, or other general concerns, please call the Harvard Mitigation Hotline at (617) 496-0857, .
  • If you are experiencing a technical or connection issue with the wireless, please reach out to the HUH Xfinity Hotline at (866) 848-0281 or 
One Western Avenue - Facade Repairs


Saturday, June 16th

  • Final mobilization work will be performed on the Bridge roof. No noise is anticipated.

Monday-Friday, June 18-22 
  • Repairs will be done directly outside areas marked with a black X below.
    • Cutting and placement of brick to occur. Noise from grinding grout may be audible.
    • An 85’ & 135’ lift will arrive Monday. Both of their locations are noted below.
    • Two separate 85’ lifts will operate on the north east and north west corners of the Tower building, working on the lower elevations.