Klarman Hall Project Updates

Week of 6/26/17


Saturday, June 24, 2017

  • Roof work will continue.
  • Exterior wall framing will continue.
  • Site work will continue within the fence line.
Site Activities 
  • Excavation activities will take place throughout the site.
  • Excavated materials will be hauled into and out of the site daily. 
  • Steel fireproofing is ongoing.
  • Concrete placements and finishes will continue.
  • Masonry work will continue on the interior and exterior.
  • Exterior stud and sheathing work will continue on the East and North sides, as well as along the roof.
  • Roof work will continue.
  • Street drainage work will continue in the Kresge Way Parking Drop-Off area. Detours within the parking area and travel lanes will continue through July.