Klarman Hall Project Updates

Week of 8/21/17


Saturday, August 19, 2017

  • Roof work will continue.
  • Exterior and interior wall framing will continue.
  • Sheathing will continue.
Site Activities 
  • Exterior masonry work will continue.
  • Exterior stud and sheathing work will continue on the upper area of the roof.
  • Roof work will continue.
  • Interior framing and masonry work will continue.
  • Mechanical systems will continue to be installed within the building.
  • Site work will continue in the Spangler Parking Lot and Kresge Way for duct bank installations. Detours within the parking area and travel lanes will continue through part of August. The Spangler sidewalk between Klarman Hall and Spangler will be closed intermittently during this work.