One Western Avenue

Construction Update - November 5, 2018


The façade project associated with One Western Avenue is making great progress and is on schedule to
be completed in January 2019. The project team wanted to provide you with background as to how this
project came about. Harvard University Housing commissioned a building façade review to ensure the
waterproofing and masonry condition were intact and adequately protecting the interior of the
building. The exercise found that the building’s sealants needed replacement and indicated several
areas where additional weather proofing details were required to prevent water infiltration. Periodic
reviews of a building’s exterior envelope is normal practice.

Below, you will find a detailed update that highlights the three main work areas associated with this
project; Tower, Bridge, Court. Prior to reading the update below, I invite you to view the attached map
that will better assist with the update.

  • Tower: The high elevation work is complete, except for the south west corner of the tower (1D on image); this work will be done in mid-late November. Floors 6-8 of the west tower (6A/6B) will be worked on until approximately 12/3. The lowest elevation of the west tower will be worked on from approximately 11/9 – 12/17 by two lifts; one in the fire lane, the other in the court yard.
  • Bridge: The yellow areas on the west bridge are expected to be complete by 12/3. The final area on the west bridge (6E/6F) will be done during the month of December. On the east bridge, (7E) is expected to be done early December and (7C/7D) mid-late December, subject to weather. The bridge flashing work involves using an adhesive with minimal odor that may be detected within the building. Please know the odor is nontoxic.
  • Court: The court is complete except for section (10G/9A/9D/9E). (10G) is expected to complete mid-November. (9A) will be accessed by a lift and worked on from approximately 11/6 – 12/21. 

The One Western Ave Façade project was identified in your lease rider, upon renewing and/or entering into a new agreement. Unfortunately, the scheduling details of projects in the lease rider can shift due to unforeseen circumstances. Weather and scope of work changes can significantly impact a project schedule. As outlined above, we are still targeting an end of year completion of work on the building and demobilizing equipment in January.  In addition to the lease rider, the project team has also provided several vehicles to view information about the project and its current status. These vehicles include:

  • Hard copy notifications from the project team. These are distributed at the beginning of the project and are supplemented by additional notices, should access into tenant units is needed.
  • Over the past 7 months, Harvard Housing and the project team have held two construction open houses (May 2018 and September 2018). Tenants in One Western Ave and Soldiers Field Park apartments were invited. Another open house is scheduled for Tuesday, December 4 from 3PM-5PM in the One Western Ave Common Room. This is a great opportunity to visit the project team to discuss any concerns you may have about the project. The team also provides information about other Harvard Housing and Harvard Business School projects.
  • The Construction Mitigation Office has a hotline (617-496-0857) and email ( to help answer any questions you have about the project and address any concerns. This Office has a direct line to the project team and coordinate on a daily basis. We encourage you to contact us in real time to have any concerns addressed. Informing the Mitigation Office in real time gives the team the opportunity to rectify the situation.

Thank you again for taking the time to express your concerns. If you have any additional questions,
please do not hesitate to reach out to the Construction Mitigation Office at 617-496-0857 or email
Thank you!