Project Update

Project Update: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and State of Emergency, the City of Cambridge issued a directive on March 19, 2020 calling for the suspension of all construction activity in the city no later than close of business, Saturday, March 21. Contractors have until close of business on Thursday, March 26, to fully secure all job sites and ensure make-safe measures are in place.

The project team will be on site taking the necessary steps to secure all materials, equipment, and the site in preparation for this temporary work stoppage.

After Thursday, March 26, the contractor will continue to visit the job site as required to monitor it and maintain security. Any limited staff remaining to secure the site has been instructed to adhere to the CDC guidelines regarding hand washing, social distancing, monitoring their health, and staying home if they don’t feel well.

If you have any questions or concerns about this activity now or during the shutdown, please reach out to Harvard Construction Mitigation at or 617-496-0857.

Thank you,

Harvard Construction Mitigation


Below you will find an update on the projected work scheduled for the month of March at Harvard Law School’s Lewis Hall. Please note that activities are subject to change based on weather or other circumstances.

March 2020:

  • The contractor will be replacing limestone on the building’s exterior. Stone removal on the exterior façade will continue in select areas.
  • The temporary shoring at the floor slabs on multiple levels will be removed once the installation of new steel is complete.
  • Excavation activities will continue as needed.
  • Dewatering activities will continue into March.
  • Work to tie in new utility lines will take place over the Spring recess week between March 14 - 22. As a result, the north walkway between Lewis Hall and Langdell Hall will be temporarily closed during this time.
  • Main access to the site continues to be off Mass Ave.
  • We will continue to share periodic updates around projected work and important project milestones in the coming months.

As always, we appreciate your patience during construction. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Harvard University Construction Mitigation Office at 617-496-0857 or via email at

Thank you.