Project Updates


Soldiers Field Park Building 2 Renovation Project Update

Soldiers Field Park Renovation
Saturday August 17, 2019

  • General Construction will take place within the building.
  • A new walkway going across Kresge Way will be installed.

​​​​​​​Monday, August 19, 2019 - Friday, August 23, 2019

Soldiers Field Park – Building 2


  • Work will continue on the new wall within the fence line at One Western Ave Court. Entry 4 (the north entry) has reopened, entry 3 (the west entry ) will be closed to build a new entrance way and to pave.
  • Work will continue around the garage and along Kresge with the installation of light poles and sidewalks.
  • For recycling access use the temporary recycling shed provided at the east facade of the garage. Signage for pedestrian pathways have been added throughout impacted areas.
  • Canopy work will take place on the childcare side, noise will be experienced from welding and from lifting steel into place.
  • Utility work and site grading will continue. Noise will be experienced from operation of excavators, delivery trucks, compaction machines, and cutting and drilling of concrete.
  • Trucking of materials into and out of the site will continue to take place throughout the work day.
  • Masonry Repairs and Building Washing will result in noise from the power washer, saws, and the workers on lifts around the building.


  • MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) installations will continue. This work may produce noise.
  • Framing, mechanical systems, and steel work will continue to take place. Some noise is expected from cutting and welding of materials.
  • Drywall, taping, and painting will take place. Some noise is expected from cutting and fastening the drywall to studs.
  • Carpentry and installation of flooring will continue. Noise may be experienced from cutting of trim and nailing of materials.

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