SEC Project Updates

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and State of Emergency announced by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, the City of Boston issued a directive calling for the suspension of all construction activity in the city effective Tuesday, March 17. Contractors have until close of business on Monday, March 23, to fully secure all job sites and ensure make-safe measures are in place.
To ensure compliance with this directive, the project team has been on site at the Science & Engineering Center (SEC) this week taking the necessary steps to secure all materials, equipment, and the job site in preparation for this temporary work stoppage.
After Monday, March 23, a skeleton crew will continue to visit the job site regularly for the duration of the work suspension as required to monitor the site and maintain its security. The limited staff remaining on site has been instructed to adhere to the CDC guidelines regarding hand washing, social distancing, monitoring their health, and staying home if they don’t feel well.
If you have any questions or concerns about this activity now or during the shutdown, please reach out to Harvard Construction Mitigation at or 617-496-0857. 

We will be suspending our weekly Allston/Science project updates until construction resumes.

Thank you.