Western Avenue Utility Crossing/Kresge Way Temporary Relocation

Western Avenue Utility Crossing/Kresge Way Temporary Relocation

Work is underway on the Western Avenue utility crossing, which involves temporarily relocating a section of Kresge Way and some pedestrian and vehicular shifts on Western Avenue to accommodate underground utility trenches and work zones. The work, including preparation work, began the week of June 13, continue for the next 12 months and be coordinated with University operations.

Kresge Way Temporary Relocation and Gas Line Relocation

As part of Harvard’s infrastructure improvements in Allston, the University will be extending thermal piping and electrical/telecommunications duct banks from the District Energy Facility across Western Avenue to Kresge Way, the main driveway into the HBS campus.

Later this month crews will construct a temporary relocated section of Kresge Way to the west of the existing drive.  Afterwards traffic and pedestrians will relocate to this interim drive during the utility crossing work on Western Avenue.

Also later in June, crews will work in coordination with National Grid to relocate an existing natural gas pipe on Kresge Way. Kresge Way will remain open to vehicles and pedestrians. The activity is expected to take two to four days to complete with traffic shifting around the fenced-off work zone as needed (with HUPD detail).

Western Avenue Utility Crossing

Preparation work for the utility crossing at Western Avenue is scheduled to begin next week with more intensive activity beginning later this month. The work is expected to take 12-months to complete and will allow for expansion of the Harvard’s Allston energy infrastructure. Supporting vehicular, cycling and pedestrian flow, a phased approach will be used to install hot water and chilled water supply and return piping, telecommunications and electrical duct banks across the width of Western Ave. The construction activity consists of six phases to excavate two trenches the width of Western Avenue. Only a third of the roadway will be a construction zone allowing for two open vehicular traffic lanes, at all times, one in each direction.

  • A detailed traffic management plan will be in place always maintaining two lanes of traffic and will take advantage of the pedestrian rerouting to the sidewalk in front of the Harvard Business School for the sewer tie in closer to Hague Street on Western Avenue for the first phase of work this summer.
  • Initial work installing utility monitoring points and drilling piles which will begin next week on Western Avenue near the construction site and will have limited traffic or pedestrian impact.
  • Abutters can anticipate intermittent noise during excavation including use of a vacuum truck and drill rig.
  • Appropriate signage and police details will be in place.
  • Work is scheduled to take place in close coordination with Business School/Housing/Transportation operations.
  • During project hours 7AM to 3PM (at times may extend to 6PM), the work will generate noise due to the presence of work crews and the use of construction equipment needed to perform this work.

Sewer Tie-in at Western Avenue

A separate Enterprise Research Campus enabling project’s month-long, sewer tie-in at Western Avenue closer to Hague Street will begin later this month. Pedestrian traffic will shift to the Harvard Business School sidewalk between Hague Street and the National Resilience entrance, and vehicular traffic will shift around the sewer manhole and trench on Western Avenue. Traffic lanes will be maintained in both directions, and noise will be intermittent.  Appropriate signage and police details will be in place.