April 2022

Enterprise Research Campus (ERC)* Phase 1 Enabling Infrastructure Work

Enabling work is underway on the parcel of the future Enterprise Research Campus (ERC) in Allston across from Harvard Business School bordered by the Mass Pike, Western Avenue, Hague Street, and the National Resilience Inc. facility at 500 Soldiers Field Road. Much of the overlapping project work, which will continue through 2022, involves underground investigations, pre-clearing, trenching, and utility pipes/conduit/utility structure installations. Construction activities will continue through 2024 for the construction of streetscape elements and completion of roadways. Additionally, cleaning and pipe re-habilitation work on an interim storm drain at the end of Almy Street is finishing up.  Future work on this drain line is anticipated in 2023. 

Foundation work on four new buildings and an underground parking structure will be the first phase of the Developer construction work, which is currently scheduled for later in 2022.

  • As the project progresses, there will be an uptick in truck traffic on Western Ave during project work hours, typically 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Trucks will follow approved truck routes to/from the jobsite to ensure they are not traveling on neighborhood streets. 
  • At the end of April, an underground sewer line utility tie in will take place on Western Ave closer to Hague Street on the ERC side of the road. Vehicular traffic will be maintained. Pedestrians will be directed to the opposite side of the road. Cyclists will need to share the road. Some odor may be detected. A vacuum truck may be used. 
  • Noise will continue to be intermittent this month and is not expected to impact the site’s abutters or the neighborhood.
  • The driveway to Harvard’s District Energy Facility (DEF) is temporarily closed. Access is now through the security gate and driveway at National Resilience.

North Allston Storm Drain Extension Project (NASDEP)

The NASDEP is a Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) project designed in collaboration with Harvard University to alleviate the inundated existing storm water systems in the North Allston neighborhood. The proposed modifications to the BWSC storm water management system will significantly improve its performance by providing much needed additional conveyance capacity. The enabling work for the project began in 2021 and once permitted will continue through 2024. The increased capacity systems are designed to extended from the area south of the new Science and Engineering Complex (SEC), connecting to an existing storm water drain system in Rena Park, routing through the ERC and following behind the National Resilience Inc. (formerly Sanofi/Genzyme) facility before crossing Soldiers Field Road to an outfall in the Charles River.

A drill rig can be seen from the Mass Pike ramps behind Harvard’s District Energy Facility (DEF) and is finishing installing piles to support placement of a short section of an 84-inch diameter concrete drainage pipe.  In mid-April sheet piles will be driven.  Another pile driving operation and pre-clearing is expected.

  • Activity on-site is ongoing and in accordance with access and monitoring protocols.
  • Truck traffic to and from the site may increase by month’s end.
  • Noise will continue to be intermittent this month and is not expected to impact the site’s abutters or the neighborhood.

Kresge Way Gas Line Relocation

As part of Harvard’s infrastructure improvements in Allston, the University is planning utility relocation work across Western Avenue, over to and on Kresge Way, the main driveway into the HBS campus. The initial phase of this utility work will take place when National Grid relocates an existing natural gas pipe on Kresge Way in April.  The next phase of energy utility work at Western Avenue and Kresge Way is scheduled to begin after the University’s 2022 Commencement.

  • Kresge Way will remain open to vehicles and pedestrians during these two weeks of work with traffic shifting around the fenced-off work zone as needed. Work hours will be Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Abutters can anticipate intermittent noise during excavation.

Western Avenue Utility Crossing

Planning is underway for a year-long utility crossing at Western Avenue to begin later this spring after Harvard’s 2022 Commencement. This work will allow for improvements to Harvard’s Allston energy infrastructure.

  • Project logistics and community impacts will be provided in later updates as the start date gets closer.

114 Western Avenue, 2nd Floor HBS Office Fit Out

Beginning this month, the 2nd floor of 114 Western Ave is being renovated to create co-working space for Harvard Business School. The project is scheduled for completion in late July 2022.

  • For the next several months, 114 Western Ave occupants, students and businesses can expect the presence of work crews, as well as construction equipment and activity, Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Some earlier start times, extended hours, and Saturday work may be necessary.  During these hours, the renovation of the workspace will generate some noise due to deliveries, loading materials, as well as the use of construction equipment/tools.
  • Work will be coordinated to minimize impacts to the childcare facility and 2nd floor classrooms.
  • The contractor has fenced-in three parking spaces in the 114 Western parking lot for materials laydown space.
  • Lifts will be used to load equipment to the 2nd floor.