60 Oxford Street Renovation Project

The scope of the two-year modernization project of 60 Oxford Street includes the renovation of the building’s interior including mechanical systems. Once renovated, 60 Oxford will serve as the new home for the Harvard Quantum Initiative, a state-of-the-art hub for quantum science and engineering collaboration, and include research labs, teaching labs for a new cross-disciplinary PhD program, offices, and seminar rooms. Built in 2004 as the University data center and science research labs, the total occupancy of the building will remain largely unchanged.

In early March, fencing installed and tree protections were put in place around the building as the contractor prepared the site for construction, which slowly ramped up in the spring. The major construction activities will take place inside the main building, with the exception of roof work. The two-story office pavilion on the Hammond Street side of the building will remain office space with only light alterations.

Some limited vehicle lane closures in front of 60 Oxford will be necessary for rooftop equipment removal and installation using a crane. The majority of the projects’ crane activities will occur behind the buildings in the loading dock area.

60 Oxford Street.